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Sick and fabulous

Been somewhat under the weather, and this is how I dressed during that time.
Fuck what a terrible photo. Anyway, plaid vest from the costume shop, nondescript plaid pants from garage sale, button by me, and Oxford shirt used by me instead of an apron when making intaglio prints. Also old worn out thirties coat from Blue Hanger.
Polka Dot designer corduroy shirt from Family Thrift at Oltorf, herringbone pants by my mother, vest by me off of a modified Folkwear pattern, silk Polka dot scarf from a GAGA swap (garagearts.org)
Camel hair seventies jacket from a GAGA swap, vintage tie from the Really Really Free Market (treasurecitythrift.org), Wal Mart khakis with insert added by me, seventies dress shirt from Goodwill.
I am bad at photographing myself at night in my apartment in a vintage polo shirt from a GAGA swap and seventies Levis action slacks from Salvation Army.
But at least, as seen in this bad photo here, halfway through the day the costume shop clean out provided me with a semi-matching jacket of similar vintage.

Triumphal return

So I've allowed this blog to lag, but a professor of mine has been kind enough to kinda rekindle this project, and a classmate has rewatched the account, so why not?
Past Week:
The Business warrior, a joke character/costume assembled from secondhand ties (mostly from theReally Really Free Market), and dress shirt and suit from Costume Shop castoffs.
Clothes from Clothes: Shirt from Free Market with tags attached by me (will prolly detach them), jacket by me made out of Oxford shirts, pants from costume shop cleanout.
Seventies Cowboy: Vest from Savers, shirt from costume shop cleanout, bell bottoms from Flashback Vintage on South First, bolo tie was inherited.
Wow what a terrible pose: Keep Austin Weird tee from Really Free Market, as are the incredibly nineties jeans, trashed vintage plaid shirt from costume shop cleanout, the buttons are mostly by me, or just found here and there.

Same Vest Different Day

Basically yes, I wore the same vet twice in a row.
The titular vest: Purchased at family thrift, taken in and special buttons added by me. Coat is a veteran of Dickens on the Strand, is was made by a family member from a Folkwear pattern (seriously, those are amazing patterns, you must get some). Shirt also from Family hrift, with pants from Goodwill. Brooch from Flashback.
fifties pants from the costume shop, shirt from Ross and splattered with paint by me, button by my sister, earrings by me and available on my etsy at: furelyse.etsy.com

Days and Days

Because i forget to do things.
Vintage Renn Fair sgirt from the swap-arama-rama, pants by wally world
hat is a hand-me down, fifties jacket and pants as well as the shirt are all costume shop castoffs
vest by me, shirt from really really free market (put on by Treasure City Thrift), pants are wal- mart, bumpershoot/brolly/umbrella from Uncommon Objects on S. Congress
spider shirt is a hand me down, pants from costume shop
pants by my mother, shirt from Flashback on S. First, jacket is a hand me down covered in buttons from eveywhere. Similar US military jackes are common, and I have seen some in Family Thrift Center at Oltorf and Congress
And here's the shirt from Flashback

Merry go round Broken Down

Actually, it was the school internet that went down, leaving me unable to post. Although admittedly most of these are terrible photos

Vest by me, shirt and pants from the costume shop

Kilt made by my mother, shirt from the costume shop, kilt pin bought at Texas Renaissance Festival.

Pants, shoes, and blouse all from swaps put on b y GAGA (Greater Austin Garbage Arts)

Blouse and brooch from Flashback on S. First, pans from New Bohemia on S. Congress

So where did you get that odd outfit

Why no update yesterday? I forgot. Tadah!
Today, I took a more leisurely approach to attire
  Jacket is from a GAGA clothing swap, seventies shirt from Really Really Free Market, fifties pants from costume shop, belkt from Wla Mart, brooch from Flashback.


S at my place f employment we're currently working on getting the costumes  together for Cyrano de Bergerac. Seeing as how I'm surounded by all this lovely garb, I decided to don some of my own. Really, it is easiest to say right here and now that everything in this outift wrth noting was made by my mother, except the brooch which came from Flashback on South First.

A coupla days

because updating isn't always the easiest.
Robe is by me, seventies shirt from costume shop, seventies pants from GAGA clothing swap, belt by me
Pic taken at the  fabulous Flashback! Jacket is from that very store, in fact. pants from costume shop, scarf from Family Thrift, hat is a family hand me down with goggles by me, black shirt was a gift.

I work at the St Edward's University costume shop, that sometimes cleans out, and I bring the leftovers to the clothing swap at GAGA on South First, which happens the first Saturday of every month. Family Thrift Center is at the corner of Congress and Oltorf, Flashback is on South First, and I have an etsy where I post things I've made at furelyse.etsy.com

Christmas Break

So I didn't want to post while hanging out with my family in my home town. So instead, I'll post a few outifts, but not everything I wore, from that period plus today. Some awful photos in this set

I apparenty never fixed these. Shirt from Goodwill, made asymmetrical by me, 501 Levis from the GAGA clothing swap, John Wayne official belt was a hand-me-down, antique gold rimmed glasses from Uncommon Object with lenses by 34th Street Optical. WWI US Officer's coat from Treasure City Thrift
   Leather jacket was a handmedown, vest by my mother
   Vintage Mod jacket from the costume shop cleanout, fifties tie from Amelia's, seventies shirt from Really Really Free Market, pants by my mother
    Cats-eye glasses  from Amelia's with lenses by 34th Street Optical
  Towel jacket by me, bell bottoms from Goodwill, men's seventies shirt from Buffalo Exchange
  Seventies shirt from costume shop cleanout, seventies tie from Salvation Army
  Shirt was a gift from a friend, prolly from Target
  dress shirt from Northwest Assistance Ministries, cufflinks are handmedowns, smoking jacket from Really Really Free Market
Amelia's (Retrovogue and Relics) is a vintage store on S. 1rst Street in Austin, Flashback is a vintage store on the same street, My mother has an etsy at aislinnluv.etsy.com, I have one at furelyse.etsy.com, GAGA is right across the street from Amelia's, and has a clothing swap the first Saturday of every month, Really Really Free Market has info here: http://www.treasurecitythrift.org/node/2088

Exploring in ripped pants

Yes, it's time again for another post of several days! The title will soon become clear.

Blue shirt with shite collar from costume shop cleanout, seventies tie from Salvation army, women's pants from my aunt (and disposed of), pin was an award won by my grandmother as a child. The Duke belt is something passed down from my Uncle Bill.
And here we have the pants I ripped while exploring an abandoned stable full of silk screens. Let that be a lesson, never explore in close fitting seventies pants (from Flashback on S. First in Austin) that may already have some stress thread rips. Seventies men's shirt from Buffalo Exchange.
Black Italian leather Jacket from my mother, fleece vest made by my mother (etsy at aislinnluv.etsy.com), Wal Mart Jeans

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